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Diane Stevenson
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Returning after 14 years...

Hi all!

I've been enjoying lurking for a week or so, and thought I'd join up and be part of the conversations.

I can confidently say I'm an unrecovered Aikido addict. I got hooked low these many years ago as a college student. Marriage, job got in the way, and a year after I did return to training, well, DH and I decided to start our family. Sensei was uncomfortable with me training while pregnant (gee, wonder why ).

So now, 14 years later, everyone is finally old enough to fend for themselves while I get myself off to the dojo.

Tomorrow night, if all my ducks stay put in their row, will be my first practice. I've been working on stretching and core strength for about 5 weeks now , I hope I can keep up at least a little bit! I know my rolls will be way lumpy, but still I CAN"T WAIT!!

I'm 45, an at-home mom of 3. First started with OSU Aikido Club in '84. Then later at Cornell '92-'93.
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