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Although our oral tradition of 'move off centre line' is probably the thing said constantly in our dojo, I'm not into 'oral tradition'. To me understanding comes through training. Aikido can evolve through training, but too much talk can make it 'mystical'.

So I suppose the oral tradition is - learn through training.


P.S. knowledge of any 'dogma' is not assessed in gradings, however the attitude towards our uke and collegues, and the ability to blend and have strong centre etc is assessed indirectly through the performace of good and safe technique.

To me physical/social 'behaviour' should emenate from an understanding and although we could emulate the behaviour, it will be contrary to our own nature until we have gained a real (not verbal) understanding. e.g. it's easier to have empathy for someone who has been through the same problems as you.

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