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Eek! Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

You are at a party and someone innocently asks you the question;
Exactly how many martial arts weapons do you own?
Your wife groans in agony and reaches for another drink and you have to answer their question with the following questions.
1. Wood or Steel?
2. Sharpened edge or dull?
3. Training weapon or a real weapon?
Of course, then you spend the next 30 minutes explaining that a training weapon is a real weapon but instead of a sharp edge you use a dull edge and instead of steel you typically use wood for safety reasons (insert additional 10 minutes discussing the various attributes of hickory versus white or red oak or osage orange) then discuss the philosphy behind using weapons for true defense weapons versus learning the sword techiques to apply the motions to hand techniques in Aikido. Of course, then you feel obligated to discuss the atrributes of using a Jo versus a sword (insert 5 minutes discussing the advantages of laminated versus solid wood).
The true answer to whether you are an addict is bothering to discuss the above questions rather than just saying
"18 and counting"

Doc Sexton

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