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Jun Akiyama wrote: View Post
Hi Michael,

Thank you for contributing to the AikiWiki and helping to expand its content.

What sort of information and such do you need to make your new page(s) more comprehensive? How can people help?


-- Jun
For one thing, some examples of policies that address the issues I've already identified as well as additional issues I may have missed. I'm also thinking a list of resources - maybe books and such - for detailed information.

Under "Equipment" I'm thinking a couple of good descriptions of building a mat would be cool. Not so much about where to get materials, but construction methods and considerations for mat designs. It's a discussion that comes up often in the forums, so it seems like a good resource to have.

The "Insurance" heading is one that I hope to contribute to, but I'd bet some other people have more to offer there. That one should cover considerations for what kind of insurance you should have, what you should expect of an insurance carrier and possibly a few sources to look into for insurance. I think this is an issue which new dojo owners don't really think about until they need to.

I feel like what I had to say about certifying teachers is vague and only marginally helpful. Once again, some examples of certification programs from people who do it would be a Really Good Thing.

Clearly, there are opportunities here for cross-referencing to other areas of the teaching pages as well. I haven't figure out how to do that, yet.

And writing this response prompted an additional heading under "Teaching Minors" concerning safety rules.