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I don't know about tainohenko kinonagare with eyes closed.. you are supposed to be moving before they touch, right?.. maybe if you are really good you can start the blend when you feel the wind from their incoming hand or something..

However I have done blindfolded aikido, and it really amazed me too. With vision always being there to take center stage, it is easy to ignore stuff that is really very wonderful:
while blindfolded it is much more obvious that you can feel a lot more of your uke that the surface of their hand or body that is actually touching you. If they are grabbing, then as you both move you can feel their elbow, shoulder, center.. you can feel their legs loose their ability to support uke as you take balance.. you can even get enough of a sense of their body's position to know if the uke's free arm currently has the ability to attack with strikes or more grabs or anything. That's what really amazed
I know feeling into your uke is central to good aikido but it sure is easy to loose sight of that when you are relying on your eyes too much.. (funny how ironic that reads.)
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