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Because "so many people now know about this" (this is not true, by the way. I told only one woman, and three members heard a little bit of my discussion with Sensei B). So, because of that, they feel, I had forced them to act - to throw out B - and he don't think much of throwing out only one person in such cases. For the future they tell me to think a lot about "responsibility". I was responsible for going in B's flat, and it was very wrong to complain about it afterwards. Sensei A also said, I should never again tell anybody he would blame the victim - impudence ! He would never do so ! At the very end of our conversation he then asked "what exactly DID happen in that flat ?" - I then realized that he really managed, not to understand me in our first conversation. He said, this was a case of completed sexual duress (right word?), I should go to the police and also talk a lot about it in a therapy.
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