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I make a long story short, there were more discussions between me and Sensei A, but he behaved so strange, that I didn't understand his point of view, until it was too late for me. So I talked to Sensei B, we decided, that I leave the dojo for two months and we keep in touch and look for a solution in this time. After he had telephoned with Sensei A he told me, we (all teachers and I) should meet the following week and have a long talk about what has happened. He said, Sensei A cannot decide on his own.
Well, two days later Sensei A phoned me up to tell me, that the three teachers are very angry with me and throw me out of the dojo (forever, not only for 6 months like B before)., because I made such a fuss, took too much space,spreaded rumours, told people about my "sexual life" ("what else is it, when you go to his flat") .
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