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Tony Sova
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Re: Can a dualist find success in Aikido?

Greetings and Sh’lama (Peace),

Thank you all for taking the time to give me your opinions on my question I truly appreciate it.

Sensei Ledyard said: “Damn, I thought you guys disappeared after the Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade...”

Ah yes, we are a determined bunch. Yet can that which is infinite ever truly disappear ?

Sensei Ledyard said: “So, the conflict of which you speak, the fundamental opposition of light and dark doesn't exist in Aikido and, in fact, the art is based on reconciling these opposites.”

This is good to know. The Nazorean perspective is that the two are irreconcilable and as such we seek to extirpate the darkness from the Light so that we may actualize our inherent divinity and attain union with God.

Sensei Ledyard said: “Frankly, I think your way of thinking is opposed to the spirit of Aikido as I currently understand what the Founder had in mind.”

Perhaps on this important point my view is in opposition to the founders yet there are other beliefs that we have in common. Many of his views are quite ‘Gnostic’ in character.

Lori Snidow said: “I do have to ask in sheer ignorance and honest curiosity, however - if nature is so evil and the natural world was created by dark forces deserving of no reverence, then why do you seem to have laws and confessions that seem to hold the earth and all of its life in such high regard?”

I’m truly impressed! Though I am affliated with O:N:E my views are not in direct accordance with theirs. To clarify – It is not organic matter that is evil, a point that I did not specify and elaborate on in my previous post, and a form of dualism that often gets confused with the academic understanding of Manichaean dualism, but, rather, it is ‘hyle’ or psychic energy that is most vulnerable to dark influence. When I speak of Nature it is in the qualitative sense meaning whose nature. Thus according to the Nazorean perspective we are here to experience this dark world in order to help us better grasp and appreciate the benevolent nature of the Living God and subsequently our own divine nature. We hold all life in high regard because that is a characteristic of benevolence- the divine quality of our Spirits.

Lori Snidow said: “Aikido does not make the religion. Aikido makes it stronger, brighter, harmonious, deeper, whether you're Shinto, Christian, Buddhist, athiest/humanist, or whatever. Take from aikido that which makes your faith stronger and your life more enlightening and fulfilling, then smile and nod at the rest of it. I think that's what most of us do anyway. ”

That is good advice, thank you. In many ways I feel that my dualistic beliefs actually enhance many of O’Sensei’s spiritual teachings.

Erick Mead said: “Or, the Source of Nature is profligate, abundant and given to revel in excess, and innumerable inventions --- some which might even work ...”

Indeed, the anatomical perfection of a carnivore works quite well for its intended purpose – killing. A mind that could conceive of such an ‘invention’ as you say must be malignant in nature.

Erick Mead said: “Oh Mani, we hardly knew ye ...”

Clever, but Chaldean Magussaeanism pre-dates Mani by several millennia.

Erick Mead said: “Unfortunately for you, you cannot make the spiritual judgment of it unless you have the physical experience of it.”

That is incorrect. If the philosophy behind it is flawed there would be no need to go any further to make a ‘spiritual’ judgment of it.

Erick Mead: “Now, if you were presuppose, as all good dualists must, that all physicality is opposed to the Light,”

Contrary to your belief it is not a pre-requisite for a dualist to believe ‘that all physicality is opposed to the Light’. Physicality (matter) in and of itself is neutral in my view.

Eric Mead said: ”But, since the spirit of aikido can only be understood through the body, merely trying it acknowledges that something spiritual can only be understood through a physical instrumentality, which denies dualism.”

You mistakenly presuppose “that something spiritual can only be understood through a physical instrumentality”. Enlightenment is not attained through the body i.e. the senses, but, more correctly through the spirit that inhabits the body. Without the spirit the physical body is useless which actually confirms dualism my friend.

Erick Mead said: “Some days it is perilous to get out of bed, and ponder the theological implications of one's cup of coffee.”

I’d switch to green tea if I were you. It’s high in anti-oxidants.


- Tony
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