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Re: Can a dualist find success in Aikido?

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
I doubt it.
You doubt that there are folks who find Christianity and Shinto to be complimentary?

Shinto thought is very non-dual
My understanding is that duality can be viewed as a relationship existing within the singularity that is existance.

...Not so far off actually, from God, the Father Lord of Heaven and Earth, the Incarnate Son (through whom all things were made), and the Holy Ghost ("the Lord, the giver of life", the "divine spark"). O Sensei, several times, made this quite explicit, referring to the kotodama ("word spirit") of Creation "Su" as denoting "the Lord" and as referring to "the Logos" -- the divine "Word" of creation in Christian theology. He even made refernce to to the spirit of "aiki" being identified with the Archangel (kami?) St. Michael's appearance in the Book of Daniel.
How does this contend with my assertion that a dualistic paradigm like Christianity tends to be can be complimentary with a non-dualistic one like Shinto? You seem to be agreeing with me and doubting me at the same time.
Sorry if I'm missing something.
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