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Re: Can a dualist find success in Aikido?

Tony Sova wrote: View Post
A clear understanding of evolutionary theory tells a different story, that nature is wasteful, inefficient, and imperfect. Hardly worthy of veneration from my perspective.
Or, the Source of Nature is profligate, abundant and given to revel in excess, and innumerable inventions --- some which might even work ...

Tony Sova wrote: View Post
... I am a Gnostic, specifically a Nazorean of the Magussaean Gnosis originating within the ancient Aramaean-Chaldean mileau of the pre-Assyrian Empire. Spirit then is the immaterial aspect of humanity that is trapped in this material world and manifests itself as Consciousness. Light is but a symbol of this meta-physical concept.
Oh Mani, we hardly knew ye ...

Tony Sova wrote: View Post
Likewise I prefer to get to know Aikido through undertstanding its philosophy so as to determine whether it is worth taking it further.
NOT possible. The only way to understand the spirit of Aikido is to DO the carnal action of aikido ( .. ooh that sounds -- naughty -- (except it isn't)) Aikido is a profoundly embodied spirit -- I would say ..., incarnational, even.

Unfortunately for you, you cannot make the spiritual judgment of it unless you have the physical experience of it. Now, if you were presuppose, as all good dualists must, that all physicality is opposed to the Light, then you must reject aikido out of hand (indeed, you must reject all grappling arts or other physical self-defense as evil per se). (Where is a Bogomil when you need one ? Oh wait, they all died or converted. )

If you dismiss this spirituality in advance of experiencing it -- then you have made a judgment without the key facts. But, since the spirit of aikido can only be understood through the body, merely trying it acknowledges that something spiritual can only be understood through a physical instrumentality, which denies dualism.

Some days it is perilous to get out of bed, and ponder the theological implications of one's cup of coffee.

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