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Greg Jennings
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Chocolateuke wrote:
Greg I looked at ur wbsite and noticed under fun stuff u where doing an wrist ushiro waza fumikomi hiji otoshi or that is what it is called in our dojo I ams learning ushiro waza and was wondering if u have any points on that throw.
Thanks for visiting my site.

In my dojo we call the technique you're referring to ushiro ryotekubidori sankyo ura kihon waza. The mental image I have is of uke's arm in a downward spiral of decreasing radius. Like a corkscrew.


rokkyu never done it herd of it thoug.
I'll try to get some pictures and do an animated gif. I'm tired of the one you mention anyway, I just haven' t been able to get the right pics for a new one.


Yonka jo works like a charm I like shaming heads on the wall with it.
kidding about the wall part
Yonkyo is easy if uke's balance is fully taken. Of course that's like saying it's easy to get rich if you can accurately predict stock market trends.

I subscribe to the Faringi (sp?) (Star Trek TNG) rules of Aikido: Rule 1. Take their center. Rule 2. Once you have their center, never give it back.


Greg Jennings
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