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Re: You might be an Aikido addict if ....

. . . you haven't logged onto this site for some months and the first topic you check is this one

. . . on meeting new Martial Artists your friends wince because they can see what's going to happen, and then rate the newbies on whether or not they follow your instructions to "grab my wrist" the rating continues until they have all learnt that grabbing the social sec's wrist will equal pain.

. . . you consider your grade in other martial arts as "time fillers" till you can get back to training for aikido

. . . you come home from uni for a weekend a day early so you can get a training session in, and surprise your boyfriend in one simple action (and it worked so well, he was taking the class and about to take the bow when i walked in, so he started grinning and the class didn't realise why till they turned to look)

. . . you learn to use a sword and a jo in a different martial art and spend the entire time wondering if what you're learning will be applicable in aikido
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