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i have been in a similar situation a couple of times with the various martial arts i do, and when i was a lower kyu i felt very disillusioned at the loss of friends and instructors, but as i grew in experience i began to see things that most pupils don't, there's always stuff going on behind the scenes that most people don't see, sometimes it get resolved and things are fine again and sometimes it doesn't get resolved and you have to decide whether you want to be associated or not, but you need to give it time, you said your new sensei is higher than your former one, so maybe his teaching style is different and maybe he is lacking in people skills but surely there is a lot you can learn from him aikido wise and it'd be a good idea to try and adapt to the different style of teaching, afterall, you may not always have the same instructor for whatever reason
as for not wanting females in the dojo, i've met some people (mostly training partners) who seem to think females aren't as capable as men but the sensei's i've met will usually encourage females to train anyways to show that girls can be at least as good as guys, one club i attend a friend and i very rapidly changed the opinion of the guys who train there about the female ability at martial arts, my friend moved away so now there's just me, i'm a 3rd kyu there and the guys who are higher grades (1st and 2nd kyus and dans) agree that there's only one person in the club they wouldn't want to take on seriously in a fight, and that's me, they have helped me train and get to the level i'm at now and they all seem to take some pride in my abilities
i apologise for the wall of text and if i've gone off track a bit but it is my belief that you should stick with it for a while longer and see how it pans out
remember that when training you should leave your problems and predjudices at the door, accept your new instructor for the experienced aikidoka that he/she is and learn all you can from them in the time you have and if/when your origional instructor comes back maybe you can impress him with your extra knowledge of technique and application
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