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Re: Can a dualist find success in Aikido?

A clear understanding of evolutionary theory tells a different story, that nature is wasteful, inefficient, and imperfect. Hardly worthy of veneration from my perspective.
As much as I'd like to discuss the significant flaws in the Evolutionary Theory with you, this doesn't seem to be the place to do so.

I wouldn't urge "veneration" of Nature, but even in spite of your objections, admiration certainly seems warranted. I can't look at a blazing sunset and say, "Yeesh! What a waste!" or watch a cheetah running and think, "He shoulda' been born with wheels, not legs!" No, instead, I find myself staring at the vast expanses of stars that fill the night sky and feeling very much in awe.

Yes, I was deliberately trying to express my beliefs in generalizations without revealing their religious origins. I am a Gnostic, specifically a Nazorean of the Magussaean Gnosis originating within the ancient Aramaean-Chaldean mileau of the pre-Assyrian Empire.
Goodness! That's a mouthful! Sounds almost aristocratic!

Spirit then is the immaterial aspect of humanity that is trapped in this material world and manifests itself as Consciousness. Light is but a symbol of this meta-physical concept.
Ah, I see. You mean what others refer to as the human soul. I probably could have got that without the Gnostic lineage thing.

A good suggestion but to 'try it out' requires an investment or certain amount of 'faith' in its perspective value. It is unwise to marry someone without having gotten to know them first through the gradual cultivation of a relationship. Likewise I prefer to get to know Aikido through undertstanding its philosophy so as to determine whether it is worth taking it further.
For myself, the religious stuff that O-Sensei was into I ignore entirely as I practice Aikido. The philosophical idea of harmony and peace with people, however, is a prime factor in my training. Am I doing Aikido if I'm not a follower of Omoto-kyo, or adhere to some oriental, dualistic religion like O-Sensei? I think so, and so do most of his direct students. My point is, if you want to inform yourself about the religious ideas held by O-Sensei, practicing Aikido may not be the best way to do so. Very few Aikido instructors will make any reference to O-Sensei's religious views at all. If you want to "marry" into O-Sensei's religious beliefs, get to know those beliefs through books on the subject, not practice of Aikido.

Thank you for taking an interest in my post.
You're welcome!

"Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."
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