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Re: Can a dualist find success in Aikido?

Tony Sova wrote: View Post
Greetings and Sh'lama (peace),

It is a pleasure and honor to be here. Here is a quote that I would like to explore:

"The earth was born from the universe and those who flourish in that life-giving environment can directly become one with nature. They never oppose natural law," - (What is Aikido?;by Second Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Third Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba)

It appears that Aikido philosophy is rooted in a form of non-dualism. I am a dualist and as such I see two opposing forces of nature operating within the world, those of Light and of Darkness and never twain shall the two meet.[/i]
I suppose it depends on what it is you're trying to be sucessfull at. Certainly a person can find something useful in Aikido regardless of their philosophical bent. What you're talking about seems largely a matter of you organize the world around you. And while for all I know that may affect your training, I don't know how. There are plenty of Christian Aikidoka who seem to find Aikido providing some level of success for them and they certainly often believe in the light/dark duality.

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