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Re: Soft Power, A Magnetic Approach to Practice

Using magnetism involves developing a feeling for the clear fluid energy contained within the form or shape of a technique. The key is to be able to focus more attention on the feeling and form of your movement than the speed and power of the attacker. The more you concentrate on and enjoy the sensation of your own movement, the stronger the magnetic pull toward that movement will be. Thus, the energy of the attacker is drawn into your flow. If your mind wavers, however, and shifts on to the attacker, that small split of attention can be used to draw your energy into the attack instead of drawing the attacker in to your energy flow. Once you focus on the attack, you are giving energy to the attacker. If the capacity for a magnetic response is interrupted, the only alternative is to attempt to control the attack.
This is an interesting article, but I think the core logic of this approach to training is fundamentally flawed. The idea of focusing solely on enjoying one's own movement while ignoring the movement of the attacker makes almost no sense as martial strategy. Focusing on the attacker's movement is not "giving [away] energy to the attacker," it is an appropriate and reasonable response to someone who has entered your space and attacked you. Such a person merits a response consisting of your energy and awareness.

To think that simply enjoying your own movement will somehow "magnetically" draw the other person out of their intent to attack and into your movement seems to me to be more based more in fantasy than reality. I cannot imagine something like this working against any kind of real attack. If such a thing were possible, it would invalidate the need for even training in martial arts at all. Suggesting this that this is an effective martial strategy is, in my opinion, dangerously misleading.
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