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Basic requirements for IAA

Rokkyu 3 mo minimum
Gokyu 3 mo minimum
Yonkyu 6 mo minimum
Sankyu 6 mo minimum
Nikyu 6 mo minimum
Ikkyu 1 yr
Shodan 1 yr

Each rank has some different technique requirements - The information can be gotten from your instructor.

IAA is its own style. Bill Sosa Sensei started under Aikikai style when Tohei Sensei was still the chief instructor. When Tohei broke away and created Shinshin Toitsu Aikido, Sosa Sensei and his instructor from Chicago followed Tohei's affiliation. After his instructor passed away, Sosa affilitated with Kobayashi Sensei and was a top instructor for many years. Sosa Sensei was sent to Texas in the late 70s to promote aikido in Texas and Northern Mexico. After Kobayashi's death in 1995, Sosa Sensei created International Aikido Association.
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