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Re: Aikido. The Martial Art.

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I am not saying that Aikido is meant to be brutal and hurtful, I'm just saying that from my point of view, that is how it would have to end up if someone was really trying to injure you, or if your only objective was to win at any cost necessary.
Okay, so yes, Aikido can still be a martial art.
Okay, so yes, Aikido can be brutal and hurtful.
Okay, so yes, in real life, Aikido can go to the extreme.

IMHO, Aikido is is the tool/art. The individual is the artist. It is their/mine/your choice of intent/intensity that makes the difference.

My Aikido works just fine as a martial art, Budo, discipline, a workout, and a good time.

Peace has always been found through the willingness to do battle, and finally choosing not to.

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