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Re: Aikido. The Martial Art.

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Do you think that any of the throws in the folowing video clip would be deadly if the ukes did not know ukemi?

I watched a few minutes of that. A lot of those throws would not cause the average guy to take the kind of high hard falls aikidoka take. They would just tumble to the ground and maybe risk a wrist or arm sprain, possibly a breakage. Only one or two of those throws would really risk the non aikidoka in terms of injury from the throw (those being the hip throws).

A good example is the kotogeshi. Every time I have used this in bjj my opponent does not take a front flippy breakfall. Instead, he flops out to the ground to take pressure off the wrist. A lot of aikidoka see the kotogeshi as a hard dangerous fall when really they are escaping the wrist lock by jumping into a nice breakfall for effect.

- Don
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