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marky musashi
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Re: fear of ukemi

thx for all your comments. the strangest thing happened. i couldnt walk good or sit or sleep cuz of my back. i went to the dojo to drop off someone, went inside put on my gi, i figured i would stretch for 15 minutes slowly to see where my body is at. after stretching for 20 minutes an dlayin on hardwood. i popped up no pian, stepped on tatami mat and started my aikido practice for over 1 hour. ukemi and everything. mind over body type thing. i feel about 70% right now. i figured out something that was never engraved in my head about ukemi. get your slap hand down quick. i think thats how i got hurt. i wasnt gettin my slap hand down and takin the impact with my back and such. rookie mistake i guess. as far as mu shoulders go i honestly think it was a mixture of bad ukemi and my body changing. my bones and posture are changing. seems strange at age 33 to go thru major tweaks in teh body.....thx for all your thoughts..
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