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Re: Should I stay?

Ah Sorry. I should have realised some of the phrasing could lead people onto a different trail of thought. Just to clarify I did not mean any sort of sexual harassment or abuse, if that was the case there would be no question about me leaving never to return!

It is more his style of teaching and new Sensei as a person I have a problem with. I can not help but think he drove people away which may or may not be the case, just how I interpret it. Which I feel may be clouding my judgement a bit.

Old Sensei as far as I am aware is not planning on doing any form of aikido based activities for a while, could be a possibility in future but not now. The study group could be an idea though, a good one, guess my best bet regarding that is to play it by ear and see who else is having the same feelings regarding that.
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