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Originally posted by Sam
Interestingly, this never happened while I was in Japan, but does here all the time - must be a cultural thing.
P.S. Hi Peter!
Hah! The truth now Sam - you were kept far far away from the real beginners. (Sam vs. total Japanese beginner).
Originally posted by Jessica
It seems to me everyone should remain at the beginner level to maintain an open mind and humility.
Beginner/Advanced is a relative term and forgive me but we train to improve our skills not remain at beginers level. Shoshin is a learning state which allows us to reach more advanced levels. The idea is to keep an open and expansive mind. I can see how people wrapped up in their ego and lacking humility can have difficulty maintaining Shoshi but I don't see a direct connection.

For definitions sake a beginner is anyone with significantly less expereience than you and yes they can be both maddening and enlightening to work with. Striking a good training balance is far easier in dojos that have been established and don't have a high turn-over rate. That's probably why it was less of a problem for Sam when he visited us (so you coming back soon).

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