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Should I stay?

I was in two minds about if it was a good idea to post this but I figure even if it does not help me it may help someone else out in future.Or provide a debate.

Please keep in mind though I am keeping details to the bare min, I really do not want to be identified and I know some of the people involved do visit aikiweb from time to time.

So the situation in brief is this. For reasons best not discussed here but it does involve in part another member much higher up the chain of command as it where, a very popular Sensei has decided to leave the organisation, may or may not be permanat. And I, knowing his reasons totally respect that decision as if I was in his shoes I would have also left. The fact I would also class him has a friend is possibly not helping the situation any either.

The problem is its now created a lot of bad feeling, at least with me, that the person higher up has took over the Sensei thats left classes. This Sensei is really good at aikido and deserves a lot of respect for that but his people skills suck.He has a total lack of tact and in prior experiances with him I have left the encounters feeling disalusioned, dejected and really not happy. (He has in the past made comments that made me think he does not want females in his classes and since I have that set of genes...) I know others are not happy either and have started looking for alternatives which unfortunatly is something that would not be an option open to me at this time .I have stated to others I would give it a couple of weeks to see how it goes but I am not sure if this is a good idea. Reason being is I am angry with new sensei and feel a whole load of resentment towards him. Something I am struggling to keep under control when I am in his class.

I am in two minds really. I do not want to leave aikido which is what I would have to do if I do not go to this Sensei's class. It would feel like I was letting former Sensei down as he wanted his classes to stay together , myself down as if I leave then its a year down the drain really and oddly make me feel like new Sensei has won. Not exactly sure what though. Plus it could just be a matter of everyone adjusting to the unfortunate situation we have found ourselves in and we have to get used to the fact that class will not be fun anymore and if your training with one of the best its worth it even though he sets alarm bells ringing off in your head. Again not exactly certain why but it is just a gut feeling that something is not right.

On the other hand though if a Sensei is not something you get on with both on and off the mat, can you really learn from him? Especially when you know good mates are thinking of leaving because of him and people are not happy.

I guess what I am asking is if you where me, what would you do? Anyone been in similar situations and found it has gotten better?

Just curious to get an outsiders POV on the situation and maybe let someonee with no bias offer some advice.

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