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Re: What is "combat"?


Great information and input, I got a question. Would you agree that a person who has a mind set of not wanting to be killed or injured-unwillingly- when caught in a fight would be combat? And that the levels of duress are based on situation. Including those being attacked have experience vs. those not experienced at all in high stressful situations? For example, like the girl beat up by 8 others, thinking she was going to die then and there before she was K.O. She may have felt the same level of duress prior and during that point of when she got K.O. The same duress and intensity that a trained solider might feel for the first time while being in a fire fight. Wouldn't both these people feel high levels of duress even though their situations aren't the same? Isn't each an example of a real combat situation?

What do you say about when 2 MMA fighters enter a ring, they both know that there is a ref to stop the fight and protect a fighter. There are medics, trainers, and doctors at ring side to aid them. Both know each will have to comply to a list of rules, i.e. no eye gouging, face stomping, and the list goes on. Is that combat or is it a tournament competition? Are the mind set same as the solider and the girl? What am getting at is, isn't part of real combat not knowing there is someone who will step in and stop it. Not having rules, or being matched up against someone who is your same weight and height. Not having all the other things that go into competition that make a safety net? Physiologically know you have a safety net does play a role in changing the mind set. The purpose of having a safety net is so the fighters don't suffer serious or life threatening injury, like having a eye gouged out, so they can make the next fight.

What do you think? Just curious what your take is.
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