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Re: Knife Randori Videos

Re : Policeman vs Knife

The officer reacted quickly , especially for all the mistakes he made before being attacked.

Perfect example of why law enforcement personnel are seriously hurt or killed for failing to follow proper procedures and not using common sense. He should be thankful there was no lexan window between the desk and himself.

While the example is good, please do not fail to see that had the officer performed a proper search prior to removing the restraints, he would have discovered the concealed weapon. He was too complacent in his surroundings and is too engaged in conversation with someone off camera. He is bent over to remove the restraints, the arrestee should have been, giving way to unstable posture and loss of position and balance. If you listen he makes comment about " samurai swords...", should have inquired, "...any tantos ?"

Learn from this example, do not be one.

Train well,

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