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Re: Knife Randori Videos

[quote=David Valadez;203705]Here's a different angle on knife fighting realism...

I'm only speaking here from California - other folks in the know regarding other states, please feel free to jump in, make corrections, etc.

My experience lends itself more to what I see in Joeseph's video. i.e. that is how I was instructed to fight with a knife by Mr. Michael Robert Pick. For me, the best way of using that technique is to keep the weapon as close to being an ambush weapon as you can - when you are the yielder. When you are not the yielder, obviously then, the best way to defend yourself against the best way of using a knife is to prevent and/or reduce the ambush. This last point can be related to my criticism of the foreig police videos posted above.

Hey David,

I'm glad we are on the same tract. Yes, I have thought a lot about the criminal aspects. I have been a lawyer for almost thirty years.

You are right. Do not fight with a knife on the street.

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola
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