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Re: What is "combat"?

Bill wrote:

I like this observation about sport fighting and real fighting. But I think cops, for instance, have a different mentality and set of techinques than soldiers, so I'd suggest that there are maybe two different levels of "combat". Which is what I'm asking about here.
What is the difference in mentality?

What are the two different levels of combat that you see?

Some clarification of these two points might help me to understand a little better about what you are looking for.

Bill wrote:

Since it's established that under stress you fall back on your training, a martial artist might benefit from training under three modes of fighting. Then you'd have different skillsets to resort to, depending on what mentality your instincts trigger.
What three modes are you referring to? Sport, Law Enforcement, Soldiering?

What are the different skillsets you are talking about?

Not sure I understand what you mean by "mentalities your instincts trigger"?

You refer to instincts in your last post, what instincts are you talking about specifically? startle/flinch? or others?

Not trying to be a pain in the butt, but I don't really understand what you are trying to get at...sorry.

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