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sup all..

for some reason(s) lately I have a fear of ukemi. over the past couple months my shoulders have been hurting me alot. almost to the point i cant even move my arms at times. no broken bones no torn tendons, just a very unusual pain in both shoulders. I think I hurt them doing ukemi. I have been taking aikido for 2 years and i consider myself very athletic. I am 255 pounds but I move like a cat to be honest. But, I have a very hard time with ukemi. sensei tells me everything looks fine most the time but to me its hurting my body. now everytime I fall I have a fear of getting hurt. my shoulders hurt so I try and get them out of the way quickly during ukemi, but when I do (this happened tonight) I end up landing flat on the smal lof my back. now I strained my back. no matter how well I do a roll I find a way to hurt my shoulders or back, sometimes I tweek my neck. its scary. I think an option is lose some weight. I would like to be down to 220 maybe less. Im working on that. mentally is there any advice you guys/gals might have for me. or even physically...i would appreciate any advice..thx
I am 53 years old and weigh 240 lbs and if I don't do ukemi right it hurts and recovery is very slow.

One thing that helps my ukemi to be smooth is the way I breathe during ukemi. I was taught to inhale quickly through the nose before the fall and then exhale out the mouth throughout the fall. This makes the ukemi smoother because you are more relaxed and with little or no air in the lungs when you hit the mat, it is easier on your body.


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