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Re: What is "combat"?

I goofed. I didn't pay enough attention to what you said. I think more in undivided terms. There are no levels of martial, it is all martial. I look at it as matching up the circumstances of defense with the circumstances of the attack. I guess you can say blending, harmony or adjusting to the attack with the proper force and application needed to defeat the attack. Gee, I really shouldn't give feedback on this because all combat is combat in my mind. If I thought differently I might be able to give feedback.

Let me added, that it is experience in conflicts that let us know when talking will defuse the situation or to fight. Misinterpreting a situation is easy to do. Most people try to talk a situation down first, and use reason. Most of are taught that in school at a very early age. We carry that through out our lives and it works in many situations. The law tells you that too. We are civilized right? I think the Aikido did what he was trained to do. I don't think he expected to be hit over a parking spot. Why would the Aikidoka attack some one over a parking spot in the first place.

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