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Re: The poll on aikido spirituality

"Rosebud" by Citizen Jen. A good one.

I do miss all the Santa Cruz folks, that's for sure, though I will say that I'm certainly not bad off here in Seattle. Great dojo and great people. I'm fortunate.

Meanwhile...back on topic...

Spirituality? Religion? Aikido?

My thought is any nomiker which has "the way" as a component pretty much says the whole deal.

Humans...we do like to use alot of words, however. There is a wonderful part to this. The desire to communicate. To be heard and to hear. To gain new information, fresh perspectives and so on. To share one's own and strive to be a part of the whole in the process.

Of course another part might be to say one needs no words at all...for anything.

Using words can kind of be like always searching...trying to find that nice in between place which never stays put which is just as well which gives me reason to use the word "which" three times in a single sentence and ain't that something dontcha know and kinda like Bob Dylan or cherry pie fillin' or maybe even as fantastic as an I can do after a thousand can'ts or even Sarah Vaughn's neice's aunt.

Oops. This isn't the rambling poetry thread, pardon me.

Okay...coming back on now.

Sprituality. Religion.

Words. Constructs of humanity, words are. Little tools to build things.

As a carpenter I can't help but wonder how long those things will stand.

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