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Walter Martindale
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Re: What is "combat"?

Combat is something I hope never to experience.

Was speaking with a veteran of the Korea conflict recently - he said, among other things, one of the things you rarely read about and don't have in the movies is the smell of a war. The smell of dead, rotting bodies. The smell of boots that you've taken from a dead enemy because yours were inadequate, and then not taken off in 3 months of active duty. He also spent some time in Indochina, and has an interesting outlook. Most of what a pencil-pusher sees as important really doesn't matter, and he has no time whatsoever for bureaucrats. Always looking for an opportunity to crack a joke.

What is combat? Fight. Fight until you're unconscious (I've borrowed this phrase from someone, can't remember who). If you don't end up unconscious and your opponent does, you're lucky - get the heck out of there before he wakes up and sues you or before his friends show up. Hope the heck that a) the opponent doesn't know you for later retribution or legal redress, and b) that the opponent actually does wake up - modern forensic science will find your DNA unless your combat was executed from a significant distance. Some joke that it's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6, but it's better to be neither - avoid combat where possible. If your life, or that of someone who needs protection is in the balance - that's "self defense" and most likely justifiable.

If you do end up unconscious and, subsequently, you wake up, you're lucky whether or not it feels that way.

If you don't wake up, well, it's over, and it's someone else's problem. If you want to save your loved ones from having to deal with the aftermath of an unsuccessful combat session, avoid it. As Churchill said, "Jaw, Jaw is better than War, War". (Jaw being an euphimism for discussion, in case anyone doesn't get it.)

I hope I never experience combat, no matter how much "self defense" training I do.


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