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Re: Knife Randori Videos

[quote=William Hazen;203462]I think I understand what you're saying Mr. Arriola but I am not sure you answered the Question....Most (if not all) of the members of the SEALS, Rangers, Green Berets, Marine Force Recon and the like are already trained to "operate with extreme finesse when under extreme duress." So I guess you're suggesting you "waive" the two year requirement?

Indeed I first become familiar with this type training during my time on active duty (and in fact more than 50% of our training was done under such condtions everyday I can only imagine what the OPTEMPO of all 3 Ranger Batts is today God Bless Them).

Second...How do you simulate operating under extreme duress with extreme finesse with a live blade and what are the benefits if the end result is still to kill/disable as quickly and efficiently as possible?

Under Duress wouldn't you want your students to "keep it simple" and focus on basic movements ?


This is a point of contention. What some people view as "extreme finesse under extreme duress" may not be viewed as extreme finesse by people like me.

Early in my training, I thought I was among the "best of the best". Later, I realized I had simply scratched the surface. I am now 52 years old and I am still honing my skills. Everyday, I seek to see something that makes me better, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Fortunately, I had teachers who in their 50's 60's and 70's could still take out the "physically robust twenty-somethings". These are men (and women) who I continue to follow in concept.

Just because a SEAL, Green Beret, Marine Recon etc has been trained and given a "name" after a "one years" worth of training does not automatically make him a master. Just because someone has received a certificate or even a PH'd does not make that person automatically the leading expert. It takes a lifetime to hone the skill I am talking about.

As to your second question, I don't mean to be vague or to give you a "moral to the story" tale. However, extreme duress comes in many shapes and forms. You lose a job, you go through a divorce, your child dies, you cheat on your kill a man and his family by firing him.

An ordinary life alone is enough for us to learn the lessons of duress. However, to answer your question specifically, "you must get cut and you must get stabbed" to really learn the knife.

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola
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