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Re: Knife Randori Videos

Joseph Arriola wrote: View Post

Already you have heard opinions regarding "what you would want a police officer to do or not do" when entering a house.

Likewise, if you are teaching someone in the armed forces who will be in combat, you must discern what is needed given one's capabilities.

Most soldiers, most black belts, can't really defend themselves with open hand or with knife or baton. This takes years and years to develop "finesse in killing". Don't get me wrong like the gun anyone can pick up a knife and thrust with it.

What most soldiers need in combat is something simple. He does not have time to train everyday, year after year. So, "thrusting with the knife is appropriate". But, I would prefer that soldiers learn marksmenship with a gun. Its a matter of time and resources.

Now, once the guy learns how to be a "snipper', (i.e. breathing, control of the hormones, adrenelin and cortisol his trained ability to control his body gives him the ability to transfer his skill to the "finesse of the knife".

Because, I am daily, I have the luxury to slowly teach my students how to tame and control the secreting of the aforesaid hormones. Two years is an arbitrary number. In other words, the average man will not have control over his emotions and will have difficulty with "fine motor movements" (e.g. cutting with a scissors and doing detail work with their fingers) Women, on the other hand naturally are able to use fine motor skills. Statistically, women too will secrete lower levels of adrenlin when faced with "fight or flight".

The result is that I teach women the "live blade" almost on day one of their study with me and my men students have to prove to me during the "two years" their capability for finesse.

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola
I think I understand what you're saying Mr. Arriola but I am not sure you answered the Question....Most (if not all) of the members of the SEALS, Rangers, Green Berets, Marine Force Recon and the like are already trained to "operate with extreme finesse when under extreme duress." So I guess you're suggesting you "waive" the two year requirement?

Indeed I first become familiar with this type training during my time on active duty (and in fact more than 50% of our training was done under such condtions everyday I can only imagine what the OPTEMPO of all 3 Ranger Batts is today God Bless Them).

Second...How do you simulate operating under extreme duress with extreme finesse with a live blade and what are the benefits if the end result is still to kill/disable as quickly and efficiently as possible?

Under Duress wouldn't you want your students to "keep it simple" and focus on basic movements ?


WIlliam Hazen
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