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Re: Knife Randori Videos

Joseph Arriola wrote: View Post
As a teacher, over the last thirty years, I have taught many special forces guys. The other night, one of my SEAL student (Peter) came home on leave before being deployed.

One of my more high/intermediate students was put with the SEAL student. After class I said, "be careful how you name someone".

If you give anyone more kudos because of his "name" you fail to assess the situation objectively."

Later that night, I took aside my advanced "teachers" and said:

1. Be careful of giving (Peter) more "ability" than he deserves.

2. You "can" beat him with the empty hand.

3. You "can" beat him with the knife, stick, spear, or any of the other ancient weapons.

4. However, you can't beat him with a gun, an automatic rifle, or any of the other weapons "you have not" trained in.

As such, in all situations, "we must be careful of what we name something", not because of the name...but because of our imaginations.

Joseph T. Oliva Arriola
Interesting philosphy but it leaves me a bit curious...I can't speak for the SEALS but as a former member of the Army's Airborne Rangers and a Reserve Special Operations Soldier for 15+ years I can say we did allot of work with bayonets and other live blades. Of course they were no where near the Asian Knife Arts or Japanese Koryu in terms of thier syllubus but we sure knew how to train with live blades and most of us supplimented the Fairburn Sykes (sorry spelling) training with work in Silat which was bred into the curriculam from our brothers in the Phillipines Army and Marines...

My question is do you wait "two years" to train your "Special" Students with a live blade as well knowing most of them are going into harms way???

Just Curious

William Hazen
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