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Tim Griffiths
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Re: Hours on the mat?

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
How many actual hours of practice for one week, do you actually learn, or benefit in the arena of proficiency in acquiring more acute skills in Aikido?
Every hour. Learning, consolidating, training. I come away with something every single lesson, whether I'm teaching, training or sitting by the side of the mat with a broken foot.

I don't have enough time. Even if I'm really lucky, I've only got another 40-50 years left. I've wasted so much training time already that it'll be really hard to understand anything in what's left.

No time to waste. Not on chatting to my partner in the middle of class, not on practicing sloppy techniques, not on bad ukemi, teachers who show off or students who don't want to learn. Not on 5-minute water breaks, pee breaks, Oh-no-I'm-starting-to-sweat breaks or I'm-a-dan-grade-so-I-can-sit-this-out breaks. No time to waste on 'Is my hair OK?' or 'Is my gi straight?'. No time to chat up the women or play with the lads. No time to waste at all.


P.S. You're all slackers (Only 18 hours this week - I skipped a couple of lessons)

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