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Training with beginners can be frustrating and can be a real learning experience. I am in a situation now where the student turnover is very high because of dojo location etc. I find that 90% of the time I am training with not just somebody who is inexperienced but has literally just started. When you have no choice but to continue training with beginners it makes you realise that you can progress even if you have to take everything slowly because with a beginner a technique has to be just right and you have to really think about each technique.

I think that a big problem is when the beginner only wants to be spoon-fed each technique and it doesn't occur to them that you might want to be tori once in a while.

Interestingly, this never happened while I was in Japan, but does here all the time - must be a cultural thing. I think a lot of westerners think of their time at a dojo as a 'self-defence course'. The solution must be up to all the senior grades to try to encourage beginners to uke 50% of the time so their expectations change and their aikido becomes more well rounded.

Anyway, who can claim beginners are not fun? I never fail to smile at the contortions
people are prepared to endure to spin out of techniques - especially shihonage!

P.S. Hi Peter!

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