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Bruce Baker
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Sadness for us all

The sadness of losing another voice of clarity is a sea of turmoil sadens me.

We will soon "be on our own" in our journey to understand the message of peace and protection that rings in the voices of those who practice Aikido.

Although the lives of those who have come before our generation, and those who come after us must learn from the second hand knowledge of books, videos, interviews, and teachings of students who try to perpetuate the practice of Aikido, we can not know the lives of those who have struggled to provide the clarity needed to see problems we bring to ourselves in the road ahead.

We will soon be on our own.

I bow, and I say a prayer of thanks to the those who give of themselves, their lives, their time to teach us what they have learned in their practice of Aikido and their own lessons from O'Sensei.

I know there is a world of the old fighting ways, and today we view the weapons of war as the new ways to fight, but it is always the measure of a person by the spirit he/she keeps within themselves to resolve each battle.

As we resolve to learn the way of peace, while training our minds, our bodies, will we be able to pass these lessons along to the next generation, or the generation beyond them?

This is the sadness of losing our teacher, our friend that has shared so much of his life with us as we both grow old.

It is with sorrow I see the passing of Saito shihan, but it is with joy I will smile, in one year, as I count his first birthday as he joins O'Sensei in heaven.
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