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Re: Knife Randori Videos

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It has been my experience that only familiarity with high stress situations can one learn to relax and perform "ideally". By avoiding high stress attacks, with your attackers using brute force, and aggressive action, your are only prolonging your inability to relax under that type of pressure.

There are two classes at held at central valley Aikido every class night. The first is an hour of straight kihon waza. In this class we rehash what we had learned from the previous nights randori. There we look at the answers that the forms offer to the questions the randori asked. The second hour is spent on randori and free form drills, finding the questions that we will ask of the kihon waza the next class. We have just never put up any video of our kihon practice.
I'll go with the second paragraph first: Yes, I agree, this is what we found the best. We too use the basic class to set up and be set up by what we reveal in the live training environments. This has been , by far, the most productive way of training for us as well.

For me, regarding the first paragraph, I have not found stress inoculation to be all that fruitful - but only because it is more situationally specific that most "experts" would have you believe. For me, only the traditional "emptying of self" allows for relaxation, aiki, etc., under all high intense, pressure-filled, conditions. I'm not trying to get used to anything. I'm trying to lose the "I".

take care, keep it up,

David M. Valadez
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