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Re: Beginning Ukemi

Originally posted by virginia_kyu
In my class I have received alot of help but everyone seems to be telling me a different way to do it and I end up hurting myself trying to implement their advice.
Hi Michael;

Of course if you go for a video - you potentially have one more source telling you a different way to do it.

One of the biggest problems faced by beginners is that from that end everybody is an expert or worse, from the other end everyone thinks they have something to teach. One of the reasons I like the use of coloured belts is there is at least a bit of a visual clue - but I digress.

As a beginner pick one or two or the more senior students and use them for specific questions if you think your sensei has their hands full. In fact for something like ukemi - pick one person only. Most likely your difficulty is because your are dealing with and trying to accomodate conflicting advice rather than using someone else's method to find what works for you. Ukemi is important - stay away from those that have just figured it out themselves.

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