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Re: The poll on aikido spirituality

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
Aikido spirituality is something that is important because_________.
...Please tell me how aikido spirituality is important to you.
The most practical thing I can think of here is that spirituality, as I understand it, creates a sense of humility and passion which helps us in our sincerity of action. This sincerity of action and intensity of purpose is what we can then spread around to the other aspects of our lives. In my mind this is the most valuable aspect of Aikido because it's the most far-reaching. This effect isn't exclusive to Aikido of course, just as the sense of spiritual rewards one may have isn't exclusive to whatever particular religious/spiritual practices one may perform, but it's there and it's one of the things that attracted me to Aikido in the first place.
In my continuous pursuit of personal improvement I seek to develop the logical and abstract "left-brain" and the emotional and spacial "right-brain" aspects of my perception. I view spirituality as being the communion between those "left" and "right" qualities...a realization of their interactive potential.
Not sure how much sense I'm always sounds good in my head Thoughts anyone?
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