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Re: Katate tori ikyo omote,, kata tori ikyo omote

Regardless of how your sensei does it. Do what Osensei did. Be connected to their center at the moment of contact an do whatever you want.

I like techniques in motion. There is a kokyunage you get by sliding forward under the grab - that establishes the verticle and makes a nice center to center connection. (I step in with the opposite foot.) Then there is a second kokyunage based much more on the horizontal (which only works after the verticle is well established) that gives you more of a hoola hip-body/arm sway up and into the ukes center - all while continuing that initial sliding. Fixing your intention such that the power sticks in them and spirals out between their grabbing arm's shoulder and their head really helps. This should be working together so that you are slplitting your uke's connection energy up and down their spine at the same time. I strongly advise looking for (multiple) kokyunages when doing techniques.

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