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The poll on aikido spirituality

The poll asks, how important is connecting aikido spirituality to your physical on-the-mat aikido training to you?

Out of all who voted 3/4 found aikido spirituality important. That is impressive. Though how is it important?

What about what others feel aikido spirituality being important to them. Aikido spirituality is something that is important because_________. What about you?

I will go first hoping others will follow. For me it isn't important. I have a strong Christian background. Some of aikido's spirituality is similar to what I believe, and for the rest of aikido's spirituality there is no conflict with my beliefs. I don't think not having aikido spirituality is connected to learning, and for that matter doing waza.

Spirituality of aikido is a pillar of aikido. If you say you are a sensei of aikido it would be important to know the spirituality. It would be true also for anyone wanting to be hard core at aikido. Not being hard core or teaching, spirituality isn't important for me. Having said that I think any good spirituality added to aikido would be important.

Wow, the enlightening cool stuff you learn about yourself when you write. I just realized, I mix in alittle of aikido's spirituality into my life. Because the spirituality is mixed into the whole approach of taking part in anyway of waza. Being so, body influences the mind, what the body learns then the mind does too. Learning is then not done in a direct conscious manner known to us to be familiarly recognizable. That would be our mind comprehend it first then our minds direct our bodies. I better stop now. I have been watching too much Dr. Phil for my own good. I might just end up on his show screaming ROSEBUD. I never knew what that meant until I suffered through that movie- my wife's movie nights kill me.

Please tell me how aikido spirituality is important to you.

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