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12/31/1969 4:59pm [from Jun Akiyama]

I have just received the sad news that Morihiro Saito sensei (9th dan, Ibaraki Aikido Shuren Dojo, Iwama) passed away early Monday morning, May 13, 2002 in Iwama, Japan. Stan Pranin writes, "His son and successor Hitohiro Saito Shihan plans to hold a private funeral for family members shortly and a formal ceremony to be held in Japan in about one month's time. He asks that anyone planning to go to Japan to pay their respects attend the formal funeral to be announced soon." Hitohiro Saito sensei has also asked to inform everyone to please not go immediately to Iwama as they will be conducting a private funeral; an official, public ceremony is scheduled in one or two months. My sincerest condolensces to Saito sensei's family, friends, loved ones, and multitude of students.
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