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Bruce Baker
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Aiki and universe of disharmony

By no means, is what I believe Aiki to be ... mystical. It is from scientific fact I have postulated these statements ... by observation of the universe itself.

Kaos, is the prime discourse of the universe. It is the results of energy and matter changing from one form to another. If you are proponent of Kaos, then by all means follow it to its violent end, and re-creation to other forms.

But if you are a practical person, who understands the kaos of everyday life, the destruction of forms to be recreated in other forms, the recombining of different elements to become energy ... you are thus able to see the harmony of this kaos in what we call life.

I believe the question was ... what do you believe Aiki to be?

If you haven't thought about what you personally believe it to be, maybe you should.

Each of us comes from different backrounds, differenct lives, so we see things from our own perspective. The differences of these perspectives is what makes life so interesting, and fascinating? At least I think it is.

So without quoting O'Sensei, or reaching into a book for an easy answer, what is it you personally believe Aiki to be?

Most times, I think the Native Americans have it right. The Mother Earth, the Great Spirit, the Creator of all things ... simple ideas that do translate into the many things that O'Sensei Talks about in his writings and teachings, quite easily.

Many of the modern religions translate into blind obediance to particular groups, or deitys, while pointing to the One God?

The only real God, or deity of us all, is the Universe, the power of that universe, and the life we allowed to have while we are in these bodies. Once these bodies are gone, these spirits no longer generate the same energy as the elements are recombined to form other life. Interpret it as you will, the Aiki, or the life we allowed to posess in our lives, is drawn from the earth, and universe.

If that is not the Aiki of the universe, I don't know what is.

How we use it? That is totally different subject.

If you apply it as a social term of interaction, well ... Then moral conscious, willpower, and social standards come into play with that angle.

Anyway ...

What do you think Aiki is?
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