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[help] looking for a good dojo in Seattle (WA, U.S.A


I'm male in early 20s
no martial art experience at all
and currently looking for an aikido dojo.
looking for a good one. Using "dojo search" database from this site I found one dojo close to where I'm living.

I live in Seattle, Washington, 98133. U.S.A
the dojo i'm talking about is
One World Aikido dojo. Martha Levenson.
this is the full information:

Search Terms:
Name: one world aikido; Country: All; Include_images: y;
1 match found

Perform another search

One World Aikido
Address: 12526 Lake City Way NE; Seattle, WA 98125
Country: United States
Instructors: Martha Levenson
Affiliation: Independent

What I want to know is whether anyone in this forum is a student in this dojo?
or if anyone has any idea whether this dojo is a good place to study aikido.

Thank you
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