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Re: My shodan test

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Its finally time, everyone. Four years into Aikido, and its time for the biggest test in my life.
Everyone above has had many great things to say!

Here's a piece of advice I give often: Pay attention to your ukes. Not in the "protect them" sense -- although that is very important!

Rather, I mean honestly notice them, and greet them with a smile and an open heart when they are called up to work with you. When you bow to them, do it with care and respect. If you speak to them (depending on your Aikido style/traditions) try to be pleasant; don't gasp and cough (if you can help it) and don't rush yourself or your uke. Approach the whole test, and the whole experience of the test, with a relaxed mind and an open heart. Try to think of the "now" and not the "what's next" or "when will I be done."


In those few minutes of your test -- and really, even a 45 minute, gruelling dan grading is only a precious few minutes or your life -- you're going to make some very unique memories. Chances are the people working with you are already your very close friends. Some of my favorite Aikido memories are from tests in moments shared with my friends and mentors.

Enjoy your test!
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