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Re: Recognizing the Ego...My time in Aikido

Good to see you found your way back into aikido.

I would like to make one suggestion.
Maybe it is time to start learning the language. I believe that this will improve your social life. Aikido is part of that social life and it seems that you are not fully excepted into the community (at least in the aikido community).
You can say that aikido is all about love and excepting others etc... Although that might be true, this has to come from both sides.
Maybe they feel you are lacking in that perspective? That they get the feeling that they are the only ones that need to adapt (they are the ones that are to shy to speak English, ...).
If you want to change anything, you will need to make that first step. And I sincerely believe that learning the language will be a good start.

Best of luck with your new life in Hungary and aikido.
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