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Re: When your family resents Aikido

Well you are the mom...the central figure for the family.
Basically your husband and kids are spoiled.

They are accustomed to their own live in cook, maid, problem solver, etc.

I know it sounds rough, and I know they dont realize this...but more than likely you have given of yourself constantly and it is quite easy to take these things for granted.

You know yourself, and cannot be weighed down by any guilt.
I bet you your husband has a night where he does something...gym, friends, not to many people just sit at home.

And the kids, well they have their interest as well.

Not telling you how to approach them or even if you need to. definitely need 'me' time, or you will implode and when you up and leave the husband and the kids or have a nervous breakdown they will go..."what happened to mom/wife?"..."I didnt see that coming, she was always there..."

Exactly, you cant just always be there for people.

Again, Im just giving a general observation of the typical mother.
Its the maternal instinct to care for the family, and not so for the kids and husband, so they get spoiled and dont realize it.

It may come hard for them if you never had any you time...but reassure them you love them, but at the same have your interest.


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