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Re: Aikido as Misogi

That is a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing it. Misogi is such a vast term, and your description certainly carries that across. I will be re-reading it many times, I'm sure.

I'm sort of laughing about this in terms of my own practice. For a long time it's become clear to me about removing the obstacles in my life, in my thinking, etc. Aikido started pretty immediately in removing my fears, in shifting my feeling mind to hara and releasing tensions that impede movement, in giving me insight into my interactions with others and accepting accountability for them.

But only fairly recently, I've come to really grasp the importance, and even profundity, of a good hard sweat. There's no substitute for a serious round of blowing out the toxins from our bodies (and because of the principle of correspondence, our minds and emotions, as well). It is a very healing thing, in and of itself. I didn't appreciate the simplicity of that aspect of misogi when I started out. Coming full circle, and whatnot, I guess.


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