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Re: Ultimate fights expand to include kids

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Then don't have your kids do it.

I personally would be happy if they would stop showing the news in the restuarants like Applebees which I find highly unsuitable for young kids, but I guess I can take my kids elsewhere if I don't like it.
It is more of an issue of society then a personal one, such as choosing a place to eat. I am not saying your kids can't do MMA. I am saying am with many states that have laws against kids MMA events. Many states have helmet laws. All states don't let kids drive a car under the age of 16 alone on public roads- excludes farm licenses which have limits and not every kid gets one. How disastrous would it be to have 6-14 year olds driving on the freeway. I shutter to think if there was no law for it.

Should I move out of the US to some other country where my kid can drive at 6 -14 years old? Or do I stay in the US and have my kid wait until he is 16 years old, or older to drive? I think it is a good law not to let kids drive until they are old enough to be responsible and able to do it safely.
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